The Arts Society Chiltern Young Arts provides opportunities for young people to get involved with the creative arts mainly in the form of one-off projects. It has funded equipment purchases, provided awards for competitions and scheduled targeted opportunities to schools in the form of visits from external organisations such as Magic Lantern.

In recent years we have established a painting competition in four local primary schools which runs from January to March when there is a presentation of certificates, prizes and medals to winners and their families.  This competition is now part of the curriculum of the schools involved and the children look forward to it particularly where there are siblings who have competed previously!

The Arts Society Chiltern Young Arts also supports The Chalfonts Community College with financial Awards for Excellence for top A-Level students, support for the Art Department which has taken the form of funding for digital cameras, printers and coach trips in the past.

There is a very small team who run the Young Arts for the Society and we would welcome new ideas and energy from any members who would like to join us.  For more information please email: <>