Children’s Trails


As so many of the local churches have now been recorded, Chiltern along with many other societies are looking to prepare Children’s Trails, always with the agreement of the church in question.

The Arts Society’s definition of a Children’s Trail  is “… a questionnaire designed by members of The Arts Society for children aged 8-12 but is really for people of all ages! The Trail guides the participant round a church looking at the architecture, history and furnishings. A corresponding answers sheet is provided. The aim is to encourage children and adults to explore the building, to learn about it and enjoy the experience so that they are inspired to visit other churches.”

This project started with a small team creating a Trail for the Church of St. John the Baptist, Little Missenden. As part of Chiltern’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, the Trail was launched in April 2015 at the Church. School children from two local schools participated in the Launch celebration and over 60 guests were present.

Later in 2015 a second team completed a Trail for St. James, Fulmer.

In May 2017 Chiltern celebrated the Launch of its third Trail. This was for St. Giles, Chalfont St. Giles. Sixteen children from the Village School took part. The Launch also featured artwork by children from the Village School resulting from a competition organised by Chiltern’s Young Arts Volunteers.

On 19th July Chiltern is planning to Launch its fourth Children’s Trail; a Trail for St. Mary’s, Wendover. The Launch will feature children from Wendover Junior School.

Once the Trail for St. Mary’s has been launched, Chiltern will begin work for St. Mary’s on Chiltern’s first Memory Trail. A Memory Trail is designed to provide enjoyable activity for people living with dementia. The Trail is intended to evoke memories and prompt discussion and thereby engage people living with dementia and their carers. Chiltern hopes to Launch the Memory Trail in the Autumn.

Any Chiltern Members who would be interested in creating future Children’s Trails or any local church which wishes to be considered for an Arts Society Children’s Trail should contact


Photograph captions:

Top – “St. John the Baptist, Little Missenden”.

Bottom – “Launch of the third Trail”.