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28 November 2019Those Stolen Glances: Elizabethan Miniatures of Hilliard and Oliver
03 December 2019CHRISTMAS LUNCH and Lecture: We Three Kings: music, art, legend and poetry inspired by the Magi
23 January 2020The Patricia Fay Memorial Lecture: The Art of 1935
27 February 2020Beethoven at 250 - Classical Music's Greatest Revolutionary

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Those Stolen Glances: Elizabethan Miniatures of Hilliard and Oliver Caroline Leder Thursday 28 November 2019

In the Elizabethan age, these exquisite miniatures capturing transient expressions (‘these stolen glances’) were regarded as jewels, to be held in the hand. Only about 1-2 inches in size, they were painted on vellum mounted on playing cards; the pleasurable symbolism of the hearts suit was chosen for pictures of spouses or lovers.

Miniatures provide a portrait of the age, from its monarchs and courtiers, to grand ladies, city merchants and military men. The tiny miniatures reproduce excellently on screen, showing every detail of the astonishingly elaborate costumes: even down to ruffs, which were worn ever larger, so that in the end even eating became difficult.