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26 September 2019The Jewel in the French Crown: La Sainte-Chapelle
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28 November 2019Those Stolen Glances: Elizabethan Miniatures of Hilliard and Oliver
03 December 2019CHRISTMAS LUNCH and Lecture: We Three Kings: music, art, legend and poetry inspired by the Magi
23 January 2020The Patricia Fay Memorial Lecture: The Art of 1935
27 February 2020Beethoven at 250 - Classical Music's Greatest Revolutionary

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The Jewel in the French Crown: La Sainte-Chapelle Nicole Mezey Thursday 26 September 2019

The Sainte Chapelle is a gem of beauty and technical innovation in the heart of Paris, possibly the most perfect surviving medieval ensemble. It was designed not only to celebrate France and its kings, but as a life-size reliquary, a worthy shrine for some of the most significant and talismanic of Christian remains, including the Crown of Thorns. Built in a mere 5 years (1243-1248), this extraordinary survival captures the best of the arts at a precise moment in time, summoned up by all the resources available to a king. This lecture looks at the architecture, the sculpture but, above all, the exquisite stained glass, setting Louis IX in the company of the blessed and turning the interior into a floating vision of heaven on earth.

Nicole Mezey

Nicole studied Art History at the Universities of Sussex, York and Paris. She was Senior Lecturer at Queen's University until 2009, working primarily with adults, managing and teaching on both the Part-Time degree and Extra-Mural programmes and conducting annual, international study tours. She also established the Department of Art History, the first in the north of Ireland. Nicole now lives in central London and is a freelance lecturer, working for organisations including National Museums, the National Trust, Queen's University and private cultural bodies. She is a guide lecturer for tours and will shortly embark on her second lecture tour of New Zealand for The Arts Society and ADFAS in Australia. Her publications focus on adult education and the arts.